Deepen your personal healing process and teaching skills in the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program (FYMP), a rich learning environment designed to inspire you to become an extraordinary Forrest Yoga Teacher and human, and to strengthen your connections to your community of Mentors and fellow Mentees. 

Throughout this 8-day intensive training, Kiki will lead you, with Michelle's skillful support, through daily Forrest Yoga ceremony & yoga intensives, guided writing processes, Seeing Circles, hands-on assisting clinics, sequencing exercises, practice teaching and teaching feedback. You will explore ceremonial practices such as smudging, Calling in the Four Directions, writing and speaking Healing Stories, using a talking stick in Talking Circle, and developing a genuine and true conversation with the Sacred Ones. Delight in these deeply inspiring and enriching Forrest Yoga practices, and drink in the rich wisdom of you body, your Spirit and your FYMP Mentor-Mentee Community!


E-mail for info and details about upcoming training dates.


Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga, Berkeley, CA


Forrest Yoga Guardian Kiki Lovelace and Guardian-in-Training Michelle Cordero


A joyful and shimmering Spirit, Kiki is known amongst the Guardians for her trustworthiness, integrity and sparkle. r deep love and respect for Forrest Yoga Ceremony, her highly attuned eeing ills and direct, kind Truth-Speaking make her a uniquely skilled Mentor Teache. Through her work in Forrest Yoga and her recent journey into motherhood, she has learned how to see the magic and mystery in what seems quite ordinary and is passionate about teaching her Mentees how to do the same. As Owner and Director of Education at Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga, Kiki rings to the FYMP her expertise in leadership, business and career development, physical and energetic anatomy instruction and empathic hands on healing. 

Michelle brings to the FP her fiercely curious, kind heart and her prowess as a hands on healer and energy worker. A dedicated yogini for over twenty years, Michelle has worked with Ana Forrest extensively since 2002 and is stepping into an even bigger leadership role now as a Guardian-in-Training. It is one of her life’s passions to train yoga teachers, and she has thousands of hours of experience doing so as both Assistant and Lead Teacher Trainer. Her thoughtfulness and humor provide a profound playground for her trainees to integrate new pathways of learning, healing and personal growth. 

Michelle Losasso

Kiki is a masterful Forrest Yoga teacher but it is the maternal, honest, and direct leadership qualities that she possesses that set her apart. Her loving guidance provided a safe space to dance with emotions and personal stories that I rarely acknowledge or will quickly shy away from. She will empower you to face your struggles head on through the discomfort. Her sparkly personality, unabashed honesty and zest for life makes you want to do this work and you will come out the other side so much better as a result. 

- Michelle Losasso

Annica Holmberg

The Mentorship Program was a way for me to stay connected to the benefits and magic of Forrest Yoga, deepening both my practice and teaching as well as holding me accountable to use those tools and show up for myself. Kiki possesses the rare combination of compassion and honesty. She sees you, truly sees you and meets you where you are to challenge you to grow and become your best self." 

- Annica Holmberg