4 Minutes, 4 Moves: Forrest Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

Got four minutes? Then you have time to soothe and strengthen tight neck and shoulders with this Forrest Yoga tutorial! These moves not only release tension but help open up the channel from your brain to the rest of your information centers so you can feel more clarity and connection to your Wiser Self. Sit up, get your deep breath going, and turn on the feeling part of your brain so you can uptake the sweetness of this mini-practice! 

Ready to go deeper?

Join me at Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area this september for 6-days of
continuing-ed to develop your skillfulness as an empath, teacher and human. . .



Do you seem to know what other people will do or say before it happens?  Do you need more alone time than others? Do you often feel fragmented, overwhelmed, angry, anxious or tearful for no apparent reason? When teaching, do you get flooded and feel unsure of what to do? Do you get easily triggered by your students? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are likely highly empathic.

Come build your skillfulness as an empath so that you can bring your Wiser Self forward in your life, and be a current of healing and truth for your yoga students and loved ones.