The journey to becoming a skillful, confident, Certified Yoga Teacher is one of courage, transformation and self-discovery. Rest into the care, expertise and wisdom of two Senior Vinyasa & Forrest Yoga teachers, Michelle Cordero & Kristin “Kiki” Lovelace, and guest teachers Destiny Eurkus, Colleen Millen & Marisha Doan. You will hone your skills in a safe learning environment designed to empower you in your personal yoga practice and your teaching.


Yoga Asanas and Philosophy
The Art of Sequencing
Functional & Energetic Anatomy
Creating Ceremony & Sacred Space
Finding Your Voice
Harnessing your Seeing/Empathing Skills
Cueing, Demoing & Hands-on Assists
Working with Injuries & Illnesses
Race, Privilege & Cultural Appropriation in the Yoga Class
Pre- and Postnatal Yoga
Business of Yoga
Whole Food Nutrition for Vitality & Well-being

At the completion of the Stellarflow Teacher Training, students will attain certification and have the opportunity to apply to be a nationally registered Yoga Instructor, RYT, at the 200 hour level.


None, other than a willingness to show up, learn and be present. 100% attendance is required. 


E-mail for info and details about upcoming training dates.


Michelle Cordero & Kiki Lovelace have a combined 30+ years of yoga teaching experience. Michelle lives and teaches with heartfelt integrity and brings a voice grounded in yoga philosophy. Kiki brings her zeal for functional anatomy and alignment and for teaching with authenticity, conviction and sparkle. These women share a dedication to their own personal practices and a passion for intelligent sequencing and skillful hands-on assists. They are deeply committed to giving their trainees kind and valuable feedback to help them learn, heal and evolve.

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"I am eternally thankful for SFYTT. I have a career in physical therapuetics and was suffering from a 7 year old back injury riddled with stories. I wanted to find a training that not only helped my injury, but also helped me with my line of work. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I GOT! My back is infinitely better and the training applies to every aspect of my work: my self care to reduce burnout, the actual outcomes of my clients & students, and the support needed to authentically show up for people. This training made me a better human being."

- Deedee Levine

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"I wasn't sure if I would ever "qualify" as a teacher because of flexibility and range of motion limitations resulting from four knee surgeries. But I also knew that yoga had helped me heal--and come to terms with--so many injuries, both physical and psychological, in my life. It was a huge challenge, but I went for it, and I am so glad that I did! The combination of hands-on practice, personal practice, and yoga philosophy education were superb. The team of teachers who led our small group through the training brought so much expertise to their work, and I felt supported and challenged throughout!"

- Karen Bradley

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"The first day of training I remember thinking, 'what have I done?’. Self-doubt kicked in hard, fears of intimacy with strangers, stories about being an inadequate yogi… but then it dawned on me. Here I was doing something that I had only pictured in my wildest dreams, and as it turned out, it was the best thing I had ever done for myself. Teaching fulfills me in ways I never thought possible, yet it is perhaps the smallest of all the gifts I found through the training."

- Alexandra Greene-Deutsch

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"Even if you never want to become a teacher, the Stellarflow training will help you heal and find what it is within you that needs attention in order to not just live but thrive! It seems exaggerated but there is nothing quite like getting lectures on anatomy, therapeutic group discussions, yoga practice and meditation every weekend with people you end up trusting with your most precious secrets. It's a true journey of emotional growth through vulnerability while learning amazing teaching and sequencing skills through it all. You don't need to be an avid or talented yogi, just curious enough to want to try this adventure. "

- Marie Grob